Quality facade systems from a reliable manufacturer

A company «Real-facade» is engaged in making and setting of the different facade systems. Recently, ventilated facades have become increasingly popular. Also often orders act on the facade glazing. In the work we use advanced technologies and take into account all roduction nuances, therefore we give high-quality services in affordable costs.

Ventilated facade - the choice of a new generation

Modern technologies allow to create such systems that differ in excellent high-quality descriptions and can to decide many problems:

  1. to provide good sound and heat insulation;
  2. providing of ventilation;
  3. long term of exploitation;
  4. resistance to influences of external environment;
  5. high degree of fire safety;
  6. easy editing, and also probability to repair of work.

Today, ventilated facades are made from the most various materials that give a chance to pick up the most optimum variant for any structure:

  • ceramic granite;
  • metallic cassettes or saiding;
  • composite panels and other.

Coverage can be very different: from plastic panels to glass. The variety of the ventilated facades is great not only on materials of making but also by color scheme.

Facade glazing

Using the translucent constructions allows to give original and completed kind to building. In addition, the facade glazing enables:

  1. Increase the scale of the object. Thanks to the use of glasses in the design of facades, you can visually make the building bigger
  2. To promote the amount of light, getting in an apartment, that will do an internal atmosphere a more comfort.
  3. To simplify the process of service, since translucent constructions are much simpler to wash then other types of facades.

At the same time, the facade glazing has also negative sides. First of all, this increase in heat loss. In addition, the cost of such constructions is quite large.

A company «Real-facade» uses in the work a hi-tech equipment and observes all requirements and standards, that allows to take risks to the minimum. "Real-Facade" - the best assistant in the installation of facade systems. Regardless of what type of facade you choose, we will perform its production and installation as qualitatively as possible. If you independently cannot determined a choice, our specialists will produce the careful analysis of terms, necessary calculations and will prompt the most optimum decision in your case. The facade glazing and ventilated facades from our company differ the reliability and longevity. We will take into account all your wishes at making, and also will conduct he detailed consultation on their service.

Appealing to us, you get:

  • quality assurance;
  • speed of manufacturing and installation;
  • acceptable prices for high-level service.

Our duty – to satisfy all queries of client. Apply – and will make sure in that we will do everything, that you remained satisfied.


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