Composite facades

Time does not stand in place and together with it different decisions change for revetment of facades. One of front-rank, to date, is a composite facade, that, revetment of facades composite material — by an aluminum. This material has proven itself to create spectacular designs in the open air.

Flags are clamped with beforehand geared-up framework due to the special timber systems. Thus place between a panel and wall of building which appears as a result of this fastening, it is possible to use for warming.


  • Use of aluminum panels provides the additional sound-proofing of building walls;
  • Composite panels having a special filler do not support combustion and can be used even in the areas of the filling station;
  • Due to the high quality of the special coating, aluminum composite panels and after a long time will not burn out and will not lose their color under the influence of weather phenomena;
  • Such material easily clears up water from a dust and raid, that allows in the process of exploitation not to outlay large facilities on updates facade;
  • Composite panels are considerably easier than other build materials, in-use for finishing of buildings;
  • Possibility to choose almost any color..