P 20171129 171732 LLAluminum is one of the most widespread metallic elements. Due to its physical-chemical and mechanical properties, aluminum is widely used, which contributes to its production. Presently aluminum types are considered irreplaceable as build materials. They are widely used as constructions in building, engineer, production of furniture, and also for planning of office partitions, balconies, windows and different interiors.

sev minBuildings, glazed by a series of panoramic windows, are showily selected on a background grey city landscape. As a rule, constructions are used for office apartments and not only have aesthetically beautiful original appearance but also provide sufficient illumination inside building. Additionally, roof lights can be equipped with anti-aircraft flashlights, which will increase the amount of light in the rooms. The facade glazing differs more protracted term of exploitation as compared to a plaster or paint. In addition, setting of such constructions is considerably simpler than revetment facades with stone or brick. More frequent this technology is used for finishing of business-centers, stadiums, markets, pools.