P 20171129 171732 LLAluminum is one of the most widespread metallic elements. Due to its physical-chemical and mechanical properties, aluminum is widely used, which contributes to its production. Presently aluminum types are considered irreplaceable as build materials. They are widely used as constructions in building, engineer, production of furniture, and also for planning of office partitions, balconies, windows and different interiors.

Manufacturing of constructions from aluminum type is modern, lasting and easy build materials, offerings various architectural designer solutions – from ordinary windows and doors to the constructions with difficult engineering decisions.

This metal is durable, sufficiently resistant to external influences and does not contain harmful matters. As a rule, aluminum can withstand temperature fluctuations between -80 ° C and + 200 ° C or even more. Such temperature fluctuations are not typical for areas where people live, therefore aluminum types are usually made from aluminum, magnesium and silicon alloy. Exactly the alloy of these elements provides types with afore-mentioned descriptions: due to aluminum, types are enough easy, magnesium gives them strength, and silicon provides good alloying of the elements. Aluminum types are easily processed, and with all these functions they can be used in the most bold and innovative decisions for the external and internal design of buildings.